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130 countries back global minimum corporate tax of 15%

The world’s leading economies have agreed a plan to ensure multinational companies pay a global minimum corporate tax rate of 15%. On Thursday the OECD announced the agreement between 130 different countries.

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Inflation: transitory or higher for longer?

While the financial downturn born of Covid has had myriad negative effects – workers were furloughed from their jobs, and high streets were hit hard – there’s been one surprising and anomalous consequence of this particular recession: with lockdowns eliminating the ability to go out and spend money, many people are finding their bank accounts unexpectedly flush with cash.

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Take not away the taper, leave it burning

Equity markets have been soothed by recent central bankers’ dovish speeches and have largely accepted, for now, that the surging consumer price inflation is transitory.

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Feet on the ground

It has been a very strong start to the year and investors should be pleased with the performance they have enjoyed but equally should not get carried away and must remember to think with a long term mindset as a setback in the second half of the year is at least possible.

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Mauritius progress to exit FATF list

the FATF has made “the initial determination that Mauritius has substantially completed its Action Plan and warrants an on-site assessment to verify that the implementation of Mauritius’s AML/CFT reforms has begun and is being sustained, and that the necessary political commitment remains in place to sustain implementation in the future.”

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London’s rental market bounces back

London’s rental market is back with a vengeance dismantling doubts that the pandemic might kill off the London property market. Rental values rose month-on-month for the first time since the pandemic, as the steep declines experience over the past 17 months begin to decline.

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