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An optimistic end to the year 2019

Having spent much of 2019 worrying about the very real possibility of a global recession, investors are heading into the holiday period feeling slightly more relaxed about the outlook for next year. Interest rate cuts by the Federal Reserve, and an easing of monetary policy around the world, appear to have seen off a full-blown recession in favour of a more palatable slowdown in growth.

6 trends that will define the new decade

An investor’s journey has always been one of facing the unknown in the quest for sufficient reward in return for taking on risk – primarily defined as uncertainty. And increasingly, clarity about the future is becoming rare. As we prepare to enter the next decade we turn to trends that are already visible to understand where our ultimate direction and focus should lie.

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Mike Pinggera is the Head of Multi-Strategy at Sanlam UK. Mike is the lead Fund Manager of the Sanlam Multi-Strategy Fund.

The Sanlam Multi-Strategy Fund was launched in January 2013 to provide investors with access to the Group’s multi-strategy capability. It is a diversified fund that combines thematic and systematic investment strategies aimed at absolute positive return and income distribution.

The fund:

  • Brings together a diverse range of asset classes focused on absolute return;
  • Is structured to participate when markets are rising while offering protection in falling markets; and
  • Is managed by a highly experienced team with an award winning track record.

Download the corresponding presentation to the video here 

Managed by Pieter Fourie and his team since launch in February 2014, the fund focuses on capital growth and aims to deliver excess returns over the MSCI World Index over the long term

Download the corresponding presentation to the video here

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