Fellow craftsmen agree that in order to master your craft, you need passion, persistence, dedication, patience and skill. They also agree that when an opportunity presents itself, you need to seize it. This is exactly what internationally-recognised and award-winning sculptor Jean Doyle did when starting her own foundry – one of the first of its kind in Cape Town.

At Sanlam Private Wealth, we know that when an opportunity arises, you don’t want to miss out. Whether you want to purchase a property, buy a car or fund a business venture, we use the assets in your current portfolio as security for immediate access to your capital. This means there is no need to sell your investment portfolio or fixed property, protecting you from unfavourable market conditions. We also offer flexible repayment terms based on your specific funding requirements. The benefits of obtaining credit through us are:

  • Faster access to capital;
  • Peace of mind and portfolio continuity;
  • The assurance of real-time pricing; and
  • Competitive rate.

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