When meticulously customising and restoring motorcycles, Alex Stoos takes into consideration the goals, dreams and aspirations of his clients before creating custom masterpieces.

We apply the same considerations when delivering a comprehensive suite of wealth management solutions. Our investment approach is rooted in a solid base of research, insight, patience and wisdom, seeking superior returns in the long term and avoiding the distraction of quick and perhaps unsustainable wins.

Taking your financial reality, aspirations and risk profile into account, we’ll develop a tailor-made and comprehensive investment plan for you, strategically combining different asset classes and geographies to achieve maximum returns. We will take into account costs, tax implications, accessibility, transparency, liquidity, counterparty and consistency of returns.

We monitor your portfolio on an ongoing basis and make adjustments and recommendations as your personal needs or market situation changes.

We invest in a blend of asset classes, including equities, bonds, low volatility alternative funds, protected equity and capital – protected structured products. These asset classes complement each other to safeguard and maximise your wealth over the long term, preserving it against erosion by inflation, fees and taxes.

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