Sanlam partners with Paul Choy for new creative project - walk Mauritius

On 1 July, renowned Mauritian photographer Paul Choy embarked on a journey to literally Walk Mauritius – walking around the island in 20 days to capture, reconnect and rediscover the beautiful country and its people. Paul stated, “With this walk, I want to explore Mauritius – taking the time to appreciate the things that other people miss… sharing stories of the island’s ocean, land, mountains and people with the world”.

At Sanlam, we have a longstanding history of partnering with artists and art projects, but this project is particularly close to our hearts as we believe that in order to create value for our clients, we need a thorough understanding and appreciation for who they are, where they come from and what they value.

By partnering with Paul on this project, it allows us to take the time to rediscover and reconnect with our world and the people in it, especially as we start emerging from lockdown.

You can join this exciting journey by visiting for daily updates and more.

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